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Organic is the way to go!

14 Oct 2021
Organic is the way to go!

Organic has become a buzz word over the last three decades, for many it is just a more exspensive product and for many others its seen as a healthier option to avoid polluting their bodies with artificial flavour enhancers and preservitives. While there is truth to both of these understandings of Organic, they both missunderstand the aim of organics as it was intended as a movement. Sustainble and ethical growing and food production lay at the heart of the organic movement, with the goal of promoting healthy farm through biodiversity.

Here at Trinity Farm, we have plenty of Organic, local stock in our farm shop.

Almost everything in our shop is Organic; meat, dried products, drinks, oil & vinegars, condiments, herbs & spices, dairy, even down to the tomato sauce!

We offer Organic Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish and Game. 

For meat dodgers, we also stock many Organic Vegan alternatives, such as vegan cheese, milks, tofus, creams and much more.

Furthermore, our chef Sam stays busy in the kitchen! We have plenty on our menu that we serve 7 days a week. Sam also makes plenty of treats such as cakes and scones. We also stock homemade, organic ready meals! Enjoy Trinity Farm at home.

At Trinity, we even have Organic Free Range Eggs from our chickens. These girls are given high quality, Organic feeds. They even get plenty of Organic fresh vegetables and fruit.

Organic is the way to go!