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Organic Beef Joints




Organic Beef Joints from Graig Farm Organics in Mongomeryshire.


Rump of Beef - £29.24 per Kg

This cut from the round, rear leg of the cow. Often considered as the most flavoursome cut of beef, the lack of fat means that this cut is best when tenderised through braising.

Brisket - £15.13 per Kg

This cut comes from the breast or lower chest area and comes boned and rolled. Another cut of beef that benefits from slow cooking or braising.

Sirloin Joint - £38.32 per Kg

This cut comes the lower back of the cow. Sirloin joints have a high amount of fat, which when cooked gives the meat a tender texture without being chewy.

Thick Flank - £18.55 per Kg

This cut is boneless, tender and lean. It comes from the hindquarters of the cow's back leg. This can be roasted or cut into indivdiual steaks.

Topside - £18.55 per Kg

Similar to the silverside, the topside comes from the inner thigh of the cow. This is a solid roasting joint, it is often served rare and is easy to carve.

Silverside - £17.63 per Kg

This cut comes from just above the leg. Another lean cut of beef and if using for roasting, should be regularly basted or partly submerged in liquid to stop it from drying out.

Rib on the Bone - £23.84 per Kg

This cut is from the middle ribcage part of the cow and includes the short rib, prime rib and ribeye steaks. The weight of each bone section is approximately 1.5Kg.The average person would consume 500g each, so for a party of 6 we recommend you choose a 3kg or 2 bone Rib.

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