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Organic Family Farming in Nottingham since 1989 

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About Trinity Farm


Who we are

Thanks for popping by, we would love to share our story and our passion for the FINEST AND HEALTHIEST food available in farming today!

We grow a wide range of vegetables, salads and fruits. We try to work to the philosophy that people should be able to get fresh, healthy, organic food from a farm in their local area. With this in mind we strive to produce a large variety of seasonal food throughout the whole year, which we deliver around the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas.

Trinity Farm is a certified Biodynamic Farm, as shown by the Demeter symbol on our produce. This means that we do our very best to run a self-contained farm, in harmony with the world around us. We take advantage of the planetary rhythms for the planting and harvesting of all crops to enhance their vitality. We keep our land fertile by using a combination of compost, biodynamic preparations and the use of green manures. This is nothing new! It is how people used to farm.

We also supplement our range from other local organic farms to keep our selection as broad as possible. On top of this we carry a whole food range of organic products from local meats to dairy, bread, nuts and pulses and cereals, everything you need for a balanced, healthy diet. We also carry a range of products to cater for most special dietary requirements.

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Rolling back the years

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We've grown

Since then we have grown to be the Midlands finest Organic and Bio-dynamic farm !

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Passion and Dedication

Rolling Back Years.png
We've Grown.png

Passion and Dedication

Many things have changed in farming since then, however our stead fast passion and dedication for growing the healthiest and finest produce at a price that EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD has not!

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We are also committed to helping the community wherever possible and have a number of other initiatives such as our allotment club. We facilitate allotments for people, with the view that they are not just renting the land but contributing to the whole farm community. They also grow to organic standards and we offer support and knowledge wherever possible to help further people's knowledge of how to grow in a sustainable, biodynamic fashion.

Trinity Farm is also a member of the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms); we have volunteers throughout the year from near and far. Some live near by and come for one or 2 days each week and others come from all over the world to stay for a few weeks or several months. These people come to learn a sustainable method of growing food for the future. This gives Trinity Farm a true community feel, a vibrant, happy place and this can be seen in the quality of the food grown, not to mention it's burgeoning biodiversity.

We also welcome visits from community groups, schools or clubs who want to learn about farming or just see what happens on a biodynamic farm. So why not come and see us or get in touch and try our finer quality Demeter standard food today.


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